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Backpacking has something to offer anyone inclined to hit the trail and venture away from crowds and parking lots. For the nature lover there’s the awe-inspiring views far from civilization, for the fitness enthusiast there’s the physical challenge of summiting a mountain or hiking miles with a pack, and the spiritual can ponder the wonder of creation and its Designer. The techie has gear to tinker with and endless trip details to plan, and for the adrenalin junkie there’s the promise of adventure in the wilderness. For me these all have appeal, but the best part is sharing the experience with friends. The outdoors provide a great setting for camaraderie and reconnecting with friends. For the past 10+ years, some old and new pals of mine meet each year to catch up and enjoy a weekend together in the great outdoors. On this site you'll a list of the trips we’ve taken, and reports that may be helpful in planning your own adventures.